A better way to digital structure and good habits.

Aiida is a machine learning digital assistant that will revolutionise the way you work with accounting, auditing and document & case analysis. Eliminate time-consuming work and let Aiida help you reach your goals in no time!

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Aiida - Better habits

Meet your new assistant.

Aiida is an artificial intelligence built for a personal experience. She will learn and manage your workflow to boost your productivity. Take a step back and let Aiida do the work for you while you focus on value adding tasks and building relations with your customers.

Skyrocket your productivity.

All your files and documents are managed by Aiida. When an action is required, Aiida will give you and your coworkers notice and tracks the progress start to finish.

Artificial intelligence.

Uploaded documents will be scanned, analysed and prepared for a faster workflow. Aiida will adapt to your preferences and gets better with machine learning.

Customised workflow.

Set up your workflow in a way that enables both co-workers and clients take part in the workflow. Create user groups for your organisation, clients or use it on an individual level.

Real-time updates.

Get real-time updates on the actions you need to take with our cloud based task manager. Assign actions, comment and work on your files while Aiida updates you and your collaborators on the progress.

Aiida - Your digital assistant

Streamlined collaboration.

Use Aiida for real-time work related communication. The file manager enables you to add task tracking, client actions and discuss the progress instantly. Keep track of changes and follow up on your clients right in the platform.

Aiida - For iOS

There's an app for that.

Aiida is currently available for iOS and under development for your Android device. Upload files, approve & manage tasks and communicate on the go!

Aiida on the App store

The accountants best friend.

The accounting process traditionally relies on manual processes. Use Aiida to save a significant amount of time in your workday. Improve accuracy and reduce operational costs in seconds. Feel free to track the process, let Aiida do the rest!


Let Aiida help take care of your accounting. With the help of machine learning your accounts will be finished faster than ever.


Communicate faster in direct connection to your workflow. Invite your clients to take part in the process.


Connect Aiida to your favorite export system. Exports are performed automatically by Aiida when a task is finished.

Aiida - Document view

Audits on fire.

The modern business landscape requires a real-time view of the entire operations for governance, risk and compliance. Aiida is an artificial intelligence that provides instant data for your audits. Boost your effiency and shift your focus to planning and analytics!

Meet your new assistant