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Aiida is a digital assistant that will revolutionize the way you work with files. Skyrocket your productivity with artificial intelligence to save time and improve yourself and your business.

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From file to
structured data.

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Understanding information.

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Teaching Aiida
what to do.

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Read. From file to structured data.

From file to structured data.

Whether the file origin is from a scanned document, photo or digital format, Aiida reads and saves the information in a structured way. Aiida stores all files in a neat format ready to be processed with her artificial intelligence.

Partners and integrations.

Fortnox Integration
Visma Integration
Scrive Integration
E-conomic Integration
Wolters Kluwer Integration
Think. Understanding information.

Understanding information.

The ability to understand means to assign a meaning to information and put it in a context. Aiida takes visual and factual cues from information to determine what it is, what to do with it and how it relates to other sources of information.


  • folder

    File management.

    Manage your documents and collaborate with your colleagues and clients with Aiida’s intuitive web interface.

  • format_shapes

    Drag to select.

    Teach Aiida what information you want to find by marking it in a document. Aiida takes action based on visual and factual cues to help you work faster.

  • storage

    Cloud storage.

    Use the Aiida platform for storing your files across devices. We are currently offering unlimited space for keeping your files safe and secure.

  • security

    High level security.

    We take the data protection seriously and we are GDPR compliant. Data gathered by Aiida is stored securely and unreadable for the human eye.

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Do. Teaching Aiida what to do.

Teaching Aiida
what to do.

When Aiida has read and understood a file, she completes her assigned task. Aiida has been taught a variety of areas including accounting, auditing and power consumption analysis. If the scenario is new to Aiida, this is when you teach her what to do.

The Accountants.

Automate your accounts payable processes. Improve your accuracy and reduce operational costs by making Aiida your digital accounting assistant.


Let Aiida help you with your accounting. With the help of machine learning keeping your books will go faster than ever.


Communicate more efficiently in direct connection to your workflow. Invite your clients to take part in the process.


Connect Aiida to your favorite ERP. Exports are performed automatically by Aiida when a task is completed.

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Aiida is a self-learning digital assistant that helps you rationalize your workflow. Aiida frees up time for value-added services by helping you take care of the time-consuming tasks in your workflow. Interested?

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