Awesome features for everyone.

Aiida has alot of features that will help most of us to automate our workflow in a secure and trusted way.
If you are missing some new and undeveloped feature please let us know.

  • security

    High level security.

    We take the protection of your data security seriously. The data gathered to improve Aiida is stored securely and unreadable for the human eye.

  • list

    Fast overview.

    One glance is all it should take. All incoming and outgoing tasks are ordered in a workflow to suit your organizational needs.

  • storage

    Cloud storage.

    Use the Aiida platform for storing your files across devices. We are currently offering unlimited space for keeping your files safe and secure.

  • perm_phone_msg

    Awesome support.

    Our support has a 24 hour feedback guarantee for active users. Send us an e-mail or give us a call whenever you need us.

  • important_devices

    Multiple devices.

    Work on the fly! Aiida is compatible with all modern browsers and iOS devices. Aiida for Android is currently under development.

  • format_shapes

    Drag to select.

    Get data from your documents in real time by dragging and selecting text from the interface. Aiida will learn from what you are doing and takes action based on visual cues.

  • timeline


    Measure your working performance and track billing with Aiida Analytics. Use this data tracking tool to benchmark your progress and productivity.

  • vpn_key

    Roles and Capabilities.

    Set up your business and clients with specific permissions and privileges. Each user is assigned a role according to user needs.

  • chat_bubble

    Chat and instant messaging.

    Communicate through an interface in direct connection to your working tasks. Set up tasks, interact and invite new users to contribute.

  • lock


    Log in to Aiida with your password, with single sign-on authentication or with BankID (Sweden only).

  • search


    Sort your files to find specific clients, urgent actions and supplier information. Aiida gives you suggestions based on active cases.

  • notifications


    Don’t miss your actions! Aiida will notify you when you are required to take an action in the system based on client requests or automatic tasks.

  • repeat

    Custom workflows.

    Build your workflow however you want and set up all users in a model that fits your needs.

  • folder

    File management.

    Manage and edit your documents with Aiida’s intuitive interface.

  • timer


    Track your productivity and time your work on a client basis.

This might just happen.

We are always exploring new ideas and capabilities. Here's a snapshot from our backlog.

  • Work in progress.

  • share

    Cloud service sharing.

    Connect your Aiida platform to other file managers like Dropbox and Google Drive.

  • code

    Easy API connection.

    We are working on a smooth and handy API for new use cases and collaborations.

  • school


    Use our internal wiki to learn how to use the system and get best practice tips & tricks from our product team.

  • phone_android

    Android support.

    Are you or your clients using an Android device? We are currently working on getting the basic functions into your pocket.

  • Considering.

  • people

    User status.

    Going on vacation? Notify your clients about your status.

  • mic

    Voice recognition.

    "Hey Aiida!" Some day we just might hear the voice of Aiida.

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